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The Story of Ghetto Records

7/LP limited-edition vinyl box set featuring seven revered, and rarely heard gems of Latin jazz, deep soul, raucous boogaloo, and heavy salsa, from the Ghetto Records label...

Fabiano Do Nascimento – Lendas

New album: Brazilian guitar meets a full orchestra arranged by Vittor Santos and with special participation by Arthur Verocai and his string quartet.

Boris Gardiner's Ultra Super Dub

Official reissue of two “lost” albums from Boris Gardiner, Jamaican bass player, bandleader, songwriter, singer and producer. Reissued under Gardiner’s guidance.

Prince Be Record Collection

Sale at Rappcats, Los Angeles, September 17. Curated by Prince Be's longtime friend Georges Sulmers on behalf of Be's family.

The Story of Zamrock: 8-album box set

ON SALE: THE STORY OF ZAMROCK This box set was curated by Egon at Now-Again, with Moss and Calum of Strawberry Rain for Vinyl Me, Please. The 2nd Edition is limited to 1,00...

DJ Muggs – Black Sunlight

DJ Muggs held a Soul Assassins pop-up shop at Rappcats on Saturday, May 14, here he premiered the Black Sunlight EP, cutting copies this new, exclusive 6-minute EP of his s...