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6th Annual DJ SHADOW Storage Sale

Rappcats, Los Angeles, Sep. 16 & 17, 2023

6th Annual DJ SHADOW Storage Sale

The 6th Annual DJ Shadow Storage Sale
September 16 & 17, 2023
5638 York Blvd, Los Angeles

Update: Thanks to everyone who came out to the sale. We still have the event posters available and we've just posted the DJ Shadow Storage Sale Grab Bag.

Event poster 
Storage sale grab bag.

* * * * *

• Thousands of new and used vinyl LPs, 45s, and 12-inch singles culled from Shadow’s private collection
• Deleted DJ Shadow web-store product, including limited items and rarities
• CDs, cassettes, posters, and other oddities
• Grip-free pricing
• Unique stock on both days
• An exclusive, new DJ Shadow 45

It’s that time again! Shadow’s been busy getting an all new, fresh assortment of rare goodies together for your record-hunting pleasure. Whether you’re looking for established classics in top condition, rarities, or the obscure, all bases are covered on this bigger-than-ever storage sale.

As with past sales, there’s a wide spread of formats on offer, including (primarily sealed) CD’s and cassettes. Price points on records range from $3 all the way to $1,000, with an effort to price below established online value… “So that dealers have a margin,” says Shadow. “The idea is to cater to everyone, from the casual fan on a budget, to the brick-and-mortar shop owners, on up to the grail hunters. I want even the most sophisticated collector to be like, ‘Uh, I’ve never seen half of this stuff before.’”

From 4-6pm on Sunday, get ready for the half-price blow-out! Dealers, take note … all vinyl originally priced $10 and under will be slashed 50% for two hours only! 

Photo: 1996, by B+