MRR-ADM feat. Malcolm Catto - Untitled


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1/LP 10-inch vinyl. Silver and red tip-on sleeve.

The debut from the great MRR-ADM - the duo that released this one vinyl EP, and then, a bit later a semi-band sanctioned CD (only MRR was involved in that one), and who haven't made music together in many years.

This is a deadstock, original copy of their only vinyl release, which they convinced Egon to manufacture, in their exacting specifications, with a custom made, tip-on, foil sleeve, which shows the imprint of a set of drums on the front cover, on a 10" record which features the great drummer, Malcolm Catto (of, for instance, The Heliocentrics).

A big time favorite of ours, and never to be repressed. 

MRR-ADM feat. Malcolm Catto - Untitled

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