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Platinum recording artist and unapologetic soul singer Eamon is set to release his new album Captive Thoughts on Now-Again Records.

After his ambitious and critically acclaimed 2017 album Golden Rail Motel, Eamon's new record feels like an even deeper expression of the lost art of the singer's ability to make the listener feel every single lyric. “Simply put, I'm singing every note as if my life depends on it” says Eamon through a thick Staten Island accent that hasn't faded since relocating to Los Angeles. Now-Again Records was impressed with Eamon’s Golden Rail Motel and Egon approached the him with a unique deal: he could comb through the vast catalog of Now-Again songs from the 60's and 70's in order to sample music and create a new album of his own. At first working with Stoupe, the producer from legendary hip hop group Jedi Mind Tricks, Eamon would stay up late into the night sifting through sample upon sample in search of the perfect fit for the album. Eamon then approached his steadfast producers Benj Heard and Snipe Young with seven songs to tackle together. The end result was something fresh and forward looking but also a throwback to the golden era of soul music. While many will remember Eamon for his groundbreaking song “Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)”, the music he has recorded since his comeback from his decade-long hiatus represent the evolution from a controversial kid to a dynamic and respected artist. Captive Thoughts channels Eamon's childhood performing in his father's doo wop group, his immersion in 1990's New York hip hop, his obsession of classic soul music, and the intense lyricism and performances of Golden Rail Motel into one, cohesive album that is capable of moving the listener in unexpected ways. Eamon's voice communicates the highs and lows of being human with his unforgettable style. This record, like the songs it samples, is here to stay.

Eamon - Captive Thoughts

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