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Zamrock + Rieslingstudy

Pop-up record shop/wine event at Rappcats, June 14-15, 2024

Zamrock + Rieslingstudy

June 14, Fri., 6-9PM: Preview/evening German wine tasting led by Soilpimp, music by Egon and friends.

June 15, Sat., 12-6PM: Egon’s pop up record shop. Rieslingstudy by Soilpimp.

Egon has been researching and reissuing Zamrock, the Southern African country of Zambia’s post-Independence rock movement, albums for over 15 years, and he’s barely scratched the surface of what he considers one of the world’s great rock movements.

“In terms of output, Zamrock is on par with those in other non-North American/European countries like Indonesia, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. On the African continent, only Nigeria can claim to have a scene as comprehensive as the ’70s Zamrock scene,” he wrote in the Welcome To Zamrock! book. “The Zamrock scene is starling in its completeness. You’d be hard pressed to map out a more perfectly balanced rock movement, especially one that had such a brief time to unfurl, and disappeared so quickly after its emergence.”

Soilpimp has been researching and championing German wine for two decades. His passion for Germany’s great grape, Riesling, and the variety of wines it makes – from the world’s greatest sweet wines to dry wines that rival anything from the greatest wine regions of the world - has led to his traveling series of investigations into the grape and it’s iconoclastic and also maverick producers. He calls these events Rieslingstudy.

The two come together at Rappcats to share their passions with Los Angeles. Egon is announcing a comprehensive reissue campaign on Now-Again centered around Zamrock guitarist and bandleader Paul Ngozi and his Ngozi Family, with an album coming out each month. Each album comes with a detailed, oversized booklet, packed with information about Ngozi and his band and previously unseen photos, and is produced in conjunction with Ngozi’s Estate.

The first issue is Ngozi’s concept album The Ghetto and to celebrate, Egon and Soilpimp are throwing a Zamrock themed pop up record shop at Rappcats, featuring some of the rarest records from the country, all pulled from Egon’s extensive collection. Alongside the Zamrock rarities will be a diverse selection of American and international music of all genres, and all price points. And the entire Now-Again catalog.

Soilpimp is complementing the event with his Rieslingstudy, featuring eclectic German wines from his collection that he feels compel with the same tension and depth that Zamrock music holds. Egon and Soilpimp are hosting a Friday night preview of the sale, with a tasting of rare German wines led by Soilpimp and music by Egon and friends. There will be no sales at the preview.

On Saturday, at noon, the sale, and Rieslingstudy, begins. It’s a one day event, and ends at 6 pm. There are no holds, and no mail order sales. Soilipmp will again be on site pouring wine for the interested. Come one, come all and, of necessity, come in person, and engage.